Welcome to Chris Barnes Digital Imaging.

What is Digital Imaging? It's defined on the web as the creation of digital images, typically from a physical object. This term is often assumed to imply or include the creation, processing, storing, printing, and displaying of such images.

That is what Chris Barnes Digital Imaging is all about. We are design professionals that like to create using the digital medium. Be it a logo, photograph, website, montage, advertisement, proof layout or more - we're your shop for professional high quality results.


Why would a digital imaging company also offer training? We're so passionate about what it is we do that we have to share. All of us at Chris Barnes Digital Imaging also participate in our training programs. So in addition to our daily work, we offer high quality training workshops around the country on Digital Photography, Digital Darkroom, Website design and more. Our popular Turn Your Snapshots Into GREAT Shots class has trained hundreds in the proper digital photography workflow. We also offer training on all the Adobe software suite, beginner digital photography classes, and the Microsoft Office suite.


Look around our site at all the products and services we offer, then give us a call to solve your next digital imaging or computer related issue. Half the battle in business solutions is knowing who to call.